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Connect To Support Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council Adult Care and Community Wellbeing, together with Lincolnshire NHS have now launched their partnership online Library of Information and Services called Connect to Support Lincolnshire.  This is being provided in conjunction with Lincs2Advice. 

Connect to Support Lincolnshire will provide people with a range of options on how care, support, health and community services can be accessed.  Alongside the website, it will offer remote support by telephone, email, and web chat.  Live operators will be available Monday to Friday 2.00pm to 7.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 2.00pm.

The site will provide an online directory of providers and services, alongside information and advice content pages.

Visit their website Connect to Support Lincolnshire

Care Choices

You can access the Lincolnshire Care Services Directory by clicking HERE.

The directory contains information on the types of service provided by the council, local useful contacts and details of care homes and home care in Lincoln, East Lindsey, Boston and other areas of Lincolnshire.

PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service offers confidential advice, support and information on health related matters. They provide a point of contact for patients, families and their carers. 

They can:

  • help you with health related questions
  • help resolve concerns or problems when you're using the NHS
  • tell you how to get more involved in your own healthcare

PALS can also give you information about:

  • the NHS
  • the NHS complaints procedure, including how to get independent help if you want to make a complaint
  • support groups outside the NHS

You can find your nearest PALS office by clicking HERE. Enter in the name of the town where the hospital/ clinic is located that relates to your query, e.g. Lincoln, Gainsborough etc.

Steps 2 Change

NHS Talking Therapies for Lincolnshire

1 in 4 of us experience common mental health problems at some point in our lives.  If you feel that your daily life is being affected by conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression then they are here to help.

Steps 2 Change are part of Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and offer a range of talking therapies tailored to meet your individual needs. They are FREE of charge, proven to be effective and helpful and provided by experienced and qualified professionals. You can SELF-REFER if you do not want to see your GP.  Visit their website for more information:


British Tinnitus Association

Tinnitus is the perception of noises in the head and/ or ear which have no external source, it is often described as buzzing or ringing in the ears. 

The British Tinnitus Association's vision is a world where no one suffers from tinnitus.  Access their website for information, ways to help and their latest news.

British Tinnitus Association

NHS 111 British Sign Language Interpreter Service

Using your computer and webcam, or the InterpreterNow app on your smartphone or tablet, you make a video call to a BSL interpreter.

The interpreter telephones an NHS 111 adviser and relays your conversation with them. The NHS 111 adviser will ask you questions to assess your symptoms, then give you the healthcare advice you need or direct you straightaway to the local service that can help you best.

Where possible the NHS 111 team will book you an appointment or transfer you directly to the people you need to speak to.

If NHS 111 advisers think you need an ambulance they will immediately arrange one for you.  Interpreter Now

British Lung Foundation

If you have been diagnosed with COPD or Asthma the British Lung Foundation can provide you with a wealth of information and advice.  They also have advice on children, as well as advice on quitting smoking and living with a lung condition.

You can find help and guidance on the British Lung Foundation website.

Staying Safe

The Staying Safe website is a potentially life-saving resource developed by 4 Mental Health, with invaluable input from international academics, mental health practitioners, people who have survived suicidal thoughts and those personally affected by suicide through bereavement.

They offer compassion, kindness and easy ways to help keep people safer from thoughts of harm and suicide, seek support and discover hope of recovery through powerful videos from people with personal experience.

The website provides vital ‘Safety Plan' guidance tools jointly funded by NHS England, with easy to print / online templates and guidance video tutorials purposefully designed to help people through the process of writing their own Safety Plan. A Safety Plan helps to build hope, identify actions and strategies to resist suicidal thoughts and develop positive ways to cope with stress and emotional distress.

Visit their WEBSITE

Lincolnshire Integrated Sexual Health Service (LiSH)

A confidential, free, non-judgemental sexual health service.

  • Sexual health advice & information
  • Contraception including Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) - sub dermal implants and Intra-uterine devices/ coils
  • C-Card scheme (free condoms ages 13-19)
  • STI diagnosis and treatment
  • HIV diagnosis and treatment
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis
  • Genitourinary medicine
  • Emergency hormonal contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Counselling and referral for termination
  • Free condoms
  • Psychosexual counselling
  • Training and conferences

Contact number for patients seeking to book an appointment: 01522 309309
8 am to 7.30 pm Monday-Thursday. 
8 am to 4.30 pm Friday

Online booking


Centres are located in Boston, Grantham, Sleaford, Lincoln, Skegness, Gainsborough, Spalding and Louth